with artist and tutor Christine Frew

Friday 30th & Saturday 31st July 

10am - 4pm

13 Great King Street, EH3 6QW



In order to fulfil our obligations to tutors and models, as well as sustaining cash flow to the school, please note that we are only able to offer 50% of each class capacity to those booking with credit. If you are not able to redeem your course credit this term, we will endeavour to honour your credit in the following term. Please read our Refund Policy closely.

In this two day workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore portrait drawing with artist and tutor Christine Frew.

On day one the morning session will concentrate on getting used to looking and seeing the model - making quick studies and investigations to better understand the anatomy of facial features and the character of the model and getting used to using materials .

In the afternoon, students will make a more ambitious portrait drawing in line and tone using basic drawing materials such as pencil and charcoal.

On the second day of the workshop there will be the option of introducing colour into your work, using materials such as chalk and oil pastels, coloured pens and pencils or watercolour.

There will be a long pose in the morning with a different (from previous day) model. 

In the afternoon, using the materials of your choice and what you have learned so far, students will finish by making a self-portrait.

Students will have a lunch break each day and are welcome to eat in the studio, in our garden or pop out to a café for lunch (there are several in the local area).


- Pencil

- Charcoal pencil

- Charcoal sticks-willow and compressed

- 1 stick white chalk

- Putty Rubber

- Masking tape or drawing board clips

- Sketchbook or scraps of paper 

- 3 sheets white cartridge paper, 2 sheets grey or toned paper (A2 or larger)

- Optional-chalk pastels, oil pastels, coloured pens and pencils, watercolour, other papers.

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