with artist and tutor Helen Jackson 

Tuesdays from 1.30pm - 4.00pm

10 Weeks
from Tuesday 21st September
to Tuesday 30th November
(No class on Tuesday 19th October)

13a Great King Street, EH3 6QW



A flower painting course designed for both beginners and beyond to gently inspire a

contemporary approach to the art of depicting flowers within a decorative still life set


Over the first five weeks of this term we will be focussing on experimenting with

different paint application techniques. These techniques will be repeated over the

second half of term to build a sense of mastery and confidence whilst painting.

Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.


 A4 sketchbook

 Pencils, rubber & sharpener

 Acrylic Paints

 Acrylic Flow Improver

 Brushes- a selection of both square tipped and round brushes-medium to


 Palette knife

 Newspaper or paper towels/sponges/rags

 2 Water pots (with lids)

 A small container (like the top of hairspray bottle) for the flow improver/matt


 Palette

 Zip lock bag to store brushes

 Acrylic Paper (A2-A3) or Pre-primed Acrylic Boards or Canvas

In order to fulfil our obligations to tutors and models, as well as sustaining cash flow to the school, please note that we are only able to offer 50% of each class capacity to those booking with credit. If you are not able to redeem your course credit this term, we will endeavour to honour your credit in the following term. Please read our Refund Policy closely.