with artist and tutor Jane Weatherly


Tuesdays from 10.00am - 12.30pm

10 Weeks

from Tuesday 21st September

to Tuesday 30th November

(Break on Tuesday 19th October)

13a Great King Street, EH3 6QW


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This course will allow the student to develop a body of work through personal, directed and site-specific projects.


Students will use photography, observational drawing or “found” source materials to develop a series of exploratory studies. Students will then be encouraged to make a series of related works using a range of materials, methods, scales and formats; challenging the possibilities of working with a mixed media approach.

The course will cover

  • Developing skills within the sketchbook for recording, researching and evidencing work

  • Developing knowledge of materials and mixed media approaches

  • Employing and fusing a range of tools, materials and techniques

  • Develop a series of related works through personal and directed study references

  • Use photographic references to support developing ideas and themes

  • Introduction to relevant artists


Materials to bring to the first class

  • Willow charcoal sticks

  • Black conte stick (square block)

  • Eraser

  • Putty rubber

  • A4 sketchbook

  • 1 sheet of cartridge paper A2 and 2 sheets of newsprint A2

  • Indian ink black or sepia acrylic ink and pen for ink

  • Black water-soluble fine liner pen

  • Masking tape


  • Scalpel knife

  • Scissors

  • Sheet of coarse sandpaper 

  • Old household paint brush and any ordinary household objects which you think could make interesting marks – pot scourer, crumpled aluminium foil etc

  • Variety of found objects which you think will make interesting mark making tools for example – sticks, any dried stems, flowers, leaves or seed heads dried seaweed, feathers etc.

Please read our Covid-19 Guidelines page for information about attending studio-based classes.

In order to fulfil our obligations to tutors and models, as well as sustaining cash flow to the school, please note that we are only able to offer 50% of each class capacity to those booking with credit. If you are not able to redeem your course credit this term, we will endeavour to honour your credit in the following term. Please read our Refund Policy closely.