with artist and tutor Jane Weatherly

Saturday 14th November

11am - 3pm




In order to fulfil our obligations to tutors and models, as well as sustaining cash flow to the school, please note that we are only able to offer 50% of each class capacity to those booking with credit. If you are not able to redeem your course credit this term, we will endeavour to honour your credit in the following term. Please read our Refund Policy closely.

”These forms of uniqueness generally orientate around the story behind the creation
of such an object or the story of its use. In either case the object develops a sense of
aura and evokes a higher value to the user. Heirlooms, art works, one-off
handcrafted goods, childhood treasures, daily use tools etc are examples of such

Attachments to Object, Emotionally Durable Design:

Objects, Experiences and Empathy (2015)


For inspiration you will choose an irreplaceable object that has a unique memory attached to it.

In this workshop students will be encouraged to experiment with collage and mark-making to process paper to create a study book of the patina of wear and tear, “the glow of grime,” which “comes of being touched over and over” — a record of the tactile love an object has acquired through being caressed by human hands again and again”

Using the simple four-page accordion-fold sketchbook is a convenient entry point for students to learn the skill of making a series of related images which can enhance the flow of any future sketchbooks.


  • Personal object

  • A1 Cartridge paper or old drawing or painting of a similar size

  • A limited range of coloured and textured collage papers suitable for your object

  • Old newspaper

  • Pritt stick

  • Scissors

  • Acrylic paint

  • Indian ink

  • Clear scotch packing tape

  • One old 1in household brush

  • Old credit card scraper

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