with artist and tutor Jaya Ogilvie

Sundays from 1.30pm

10 Weeks

from Sunday 17th January to Sunday 28th March

(No class Sunday 14th February)



Helen W - Kids Drawing Online - AT20.jpg
Helen W 2 - Kids Drawing Online - AT20.j

This course fosters a nurturing environment that encourages creative practice, and expert drawing guidance to our young artists through the power of the internet.


Jaya has 20 years of art teaching experience, and specialises in teaching children. Each session is taught online from Jaya’s garden studio where she makes the majority of her own work.


“All too often the principles of drawing are skimmed over in mainstream school settings. These courses offer children time and engagement to further expand creatively and strengthen their drawing resolve.  It’s a place and time where you get personal tuition, advice, demonstrations, support from peer group, and really begin to engage with the drawing process.”


Together the group looks at the technique, style, subject, and weaves in art history focuses too. There is time and opportunity to interact with the discipline of drawing, taking it right back to the basics and building up from there.


Drawing tasks are given week by week, and the group ‘meets’ via Zoom to discuss how to start, what their ideas are, brainstorm, share how things went with previous tasks and think about what can be developed.


In the Autumn Term the group looked at process, developing different starting points for work (primary, secondary and so on), as well as the figure composition, different ways to present work, self-portraits/portraiture and Frieda Kahlo.


Each Zoom is about 40 mins to an hour long. Each term students will receive an accompanying PDF hand book.

In order to fulfil our obligations to tutors and models, as well as sustaining cash flow to the school, please note that we are only able to offer 50% of each class capacity to those booking with credit. If you are not able to redeem your course credit this term, we will endeavour to honour your credit in the following term. Please read our Refund Policy closely.