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Alicia Coombs

Alicia Coombs is the Manager of the School, having joined in Autumn 2022. She is an Alumna of the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, a classically trained painter and portrait artist. Her first degree is in The History of Art (BA Hons) from The University of York.

She has worked around the world for the past 13 years in Switzerland, Russia, and Europe as an international governess while she put herself through The Florence Academy, and graduated from the Swedish branch having started in Florence. A lot of Alicia's work has been 'front of house', coordinating amongst work teams, programming and communication. She also holds the CELTA certificate to communicate with people who do not speak English. Over the years, Alicia has accumulated various skills, which now combine for this role.

Being settled in Edinburgh, she is enjoying the consistency of environment thus allowing her to paint more, and realise all she has pursued and worked for. Alicia is a hands on people person and finds equal joy in the learning of others, alongside her own creativity. She is a versatile teacher and this autumn teaches 'Drawing the Clothed Figure' and 'Painting the Clothed Figure with reference to Samuel John Peploe'.

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