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Flower Arrangements

Christine Frew

Christine trained at Edinburgh College of Art, gaining a BA Honours Degree in Drawing and Painting with Printmaking. After graduating, Christine worked for several years in contemporary art galleries and museums such as Fruitmarket, Collective and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art before moving to New York to take up a post on arts journal. Throughout this time, Christine continued her own art practice and participated in many group art projects and exhibitions.

Her work focus is mainly figurative and involves portraiture and storytelling. She sometimes works in oil paint, often rendering it to look like watercolour and at other times moulding and shaping thick paint. Christine enjoys drawing in mixed media including charcoal, chalks, inks and watercolour to create multi layered images. Her practice involves research and combines ideas of ethnography, popular culture, art history, self presentation and identity-a portrait, the story a person has to tell.

Christine has exhibited in Edinburgh at galleries such as Talbot Rice Gallery and Inverleith House, at Transmission in Glasgow as well as in London, Bath, New York and New Orleans.

She is currently a Teaching Fellow at The University of Edinburgh, Centre for Open Learning and Edinburgh Drawing School. Christine also teaches community art classes in the local area. She enjoys the diversity of teaching students of all levels and backgrounds and firmly believes that art is for everyone!

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