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Reggie P Baxter

Two of Reggie's great passions in life are children and art. Apart from being an accomplished artist herself, she has a thorough knowledge and academic training of the timeline of art history, together with art genres, movements, styles and the use of art mediums.

Reggie has an innate and natural affinity for children having spent many hours with children, including her own, introducing them and opening their minds to new concepts, styles, artists’ techniques and even games particularly relating to art. She is able to connect very well with kids and is able to draw out and expand on children’s abilities and interests in the arts. Kids can be more confident in trying new techniques, expressing their own views and explore the wonderful world of creativity and art.

Reggie holds a Master’s degree in Art Business (with merit) from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a Master’s degree in Art History from La Salle-SIA College of Arts, Singapore. She attended art classes in art institutions in London such as Heatherley School of Fine Art and now in Edinburgh. She has been an artist for over 15 years and has participated in group exhibitions. Her paintings are now sitting in private collections worldwide.

Instagram : @reggie.p.baxter

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