Selina Wilson

Selina is a Scottish Artist based in Edinburgh and the Borders. She has a studio in the Borders, where she teaches and paints; she is also a member of the Edinburgh Printmakers studio.

Selina has 10 years experience teaching art both privately and in Schools. Teaching art is her passion, and she finds it very exciting and rewarding - she is genuinely thrilled to pass on my skills.

Selina studied in the Classical tradition at the Charles H Cecil Studios, which she describes as a wonderful basis from which her work has developed.

She continues to produce naturalistic work, however she often works in a more expressive, colourful style, experimenting and using different mediums.

Her subjects vary from Landscapes, Animals and Portraits to still life and figurative pieces. Selina works in oils, acrylics, watercolour, drawing mediums and sculpts in clay.

When teaching, Selina encourages experimentation and different techniques and styles.