Hello and a warm welcome to The Edinburgh Drawing School website. 

We are dedicated to providing inspiring and professional, boutique-style drawing and painting classes for all ages and abilities (maximum 7-8 people per class), taught by respected, practising artists, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Summer Schools July 2016 - in Edinburgh and Cambo Estate, Fife

Autumn Term 2016 commences Monday 19th September

We are now VAT registered, which means we are obliged, by law, to charge VAT on our prices. Please see here for more details and the new price structure. 

Drawing is a fantastic skill, and a good life-drawing class is completely absorbing. Even professional artists challenge themselves afresh each time they start a new figurative drawing; with E.D.S the 'learning' never stops...

"It's all about stimulating the ol' grey matter in new ways...life drawing is better for your brain than Sudoku - each picture is a fresh challenge, working different parts of your brain. Every time you have a blank page you have to solve the problem that is set by the model..."  from the programme 'How to Stay Young' , Episode 2, BBC 1

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 E . D . S .  G A L L E R Y 

For June - Fantastic new work in by Siobhan O'Hehir, Susan Winton & Robert Newton 


Please do pop in to visit us and see the drawing studio as well as our beautiful gallery at 13A Great King Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QW.

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