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The Edinburgh Drawing School offers a range of services

and packages, all tailored to meet your requirements. 


We'd be delighted to help you celebrate your wedding

and can provide you with an entertaining and unique hen party!


We also supply creative development packages for

corporate groups including both drawing and painting bundle.


Please read below for more details

and get in touch to discuss your ideas! 

James Russel Cowper

Hen Parties

     Watercolour roses by Jenny Mathews RSW 

Art sessions with established tutors

minimum: 8 hens

maximum: 16 hens     

- Paint the Bride’s Bouquet      

- Lifedrawing afternoon, with champagne and nibbles    

- Paint a watercolour landscape      

- Draw or paint the Bride


We have two packages to select from:


Original Package - £35 p.p. + VAT    

- a fantastic two and a half hour session, with an

excellent tutor & a professional model for

life drawing.

During the break: tea, coffee, biscuits.



The Party Package - £55 p.p + VAT      

- An excellent two hour and forty five minute session,

with an experienced tutor and a professional model.

A glass of fizz on arrival and during the break,

along with savoury nibbles or cake.


Why not have your bouquet painted that you may remember it forever? As well as having a beautiful painting on the walls for years to come?...or a landscape of where you got married or engaged?

James Potter 2.jpg

Wedding Gifts

Above: a group of hens enjoy a life drawing session

Commission a bridal portrait painted by Alicia Coombs, Ewan McClure, Lewis Mackenzie or Jonathan Freemantle

wedding 2.JPG

A 10 week course or workshop of your choice  


Tailored Gift Voucher  


Commission a painting by an established artist;      


       - Portrait of the couple or bridal party      

        - Painting of a memorable landscape        

           (engagement location/wedding venue)      

        - Portrait of the bride in her wedding dress

        - A painting of a memorable landscape location      

        - Floral still life of the bride’s bouquet


Portrait Comissions

Full length

1 sitter: £6-10,000

2 sitters: £8-12,000

Head and Shoulders only

1 sitter: £2500 - 5000

2 sitters: £3000 - 5500

3/4 length

1 sitter: £5-£8500

2 sitters £6-9000


Painted Bouquets

£800 - £2800



Small £800 - £1200

Medium £1600-£5500

Large £4200 - £8500

wedding 1.JPG

Corporate Creative Development Packages

Above: A Wedding Portrait of a bride in her wedding dress underway, artist - Alicia Coombs

We also supply creative development packages for corporate groups including both drawing and painting bundles.

Should you wish to arrange a team building day, morning or afternoon with the school, and come to an art class at our premises on 13 Great King Street please contact the school on 0131 556 0971 or e-mail Group packages will be priced at £35 pp for a group of 8 people and above tea and coffee included, or £55 pp should you require any catering.




Hen Parties


£35 per person

Summer Flowers.jpeg

Wedding Gifts






£66 per person

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