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"Business has much to learn from the arts... studying the arts can help business people communicate more eloquently... studying the arts can also help companies learn how to manage bright people... studying the art world might even hold out the biggest prize of all - helping business become more innovative. Companies are scouring the world for new ideas. In their quest for creativity, they surely have something to learn from the creative industries..." 

Schumpeter, The Art of Management, The Economist Feb 2011

Due to the current pandemic situation, please note that we will not be running group bookings until notice.

You and your team may be used to dealing with imaginative ideas and lateral thinking...but do you have a chance to step out of the linear, logical thought processes required for most work, and stimulate creativity - in a low pressure, 'non-brainstorming' environment? 


The simple act of drawing and using basic visuals in meetings, can allow clearer pathways to understanding and progress. Pitching concepts in a visual way assures an immediate and deeper understanding of the ideas being discussed, in an environment where people meet face-to-face to discuss an idea, a challenge or an opportunity. 


Creativity - and drawing specifically - is useful, not only in the office environment, but in developing 'whole-brain' thinking in the individuals who make up that office, creating a team who will be more attuned to each other, focused on their goals, and are able to work creatively together to innovate, problem-solve, and employ a healthy level of constructive criticism, and reflection, in group discussion.  


Drawing as a physical and cerebral exercise develops observational skills, visual thinking, the power to recognise patterns and tone. There was a time not too long ago when scientists required their students to take drawing or painting lessons as part of their scientific training in the belief that, whatever you haven't drawn, you haven't seen. 


Drawing is also absolutely absorbing, allowing for what psychologists call 'flow'; it's demanding, it's exhausting - and it's totally exhilarating!  


We can put together a tailored package for you and your team, involving drawing, discussing the concept we've touched on here, and drawing as a group exercise. You could decide on a single 'class', a 1 day Workshop, an evening of drawing and discussion... whatever suits you! 


And we can either come to you, or hold the event in one of our beautiful premises around the city. 

Prices start at £55 + VAT per head and minimum numbers apply. 

Please get in touch to discuss the ideal package for your team.

"One weekend recently, a group of 20 Toyo aluminium executives in their 50s and 60s were summoned to a meeting at a resort near Tokyo. At first glance, it looked like 'any common, dull corporate event' says Kana Inagaki, of the Financial Times. But the men knitting their brows in concentration weren't poring over figures - they were finger painting... Japan's companies are desperate to train their leaders 'to think imaginatively'; and many are turning to art for inspiration."

The Week, 5th March 2016

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