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Flower Arrangements

Ingrid Nilsson

Printmaking was one of Ingrid’s first loves while studying at foundation level and had been appearing in her painting work for years before it became a primary focus during the pandemic. This gave her the time and space to develop her practice and turn it into a viable business. Prior to this, she ran her own Edinburgh gallery/café, Bon Papillon, for ten years with her partner, Stuart.

“I have often described my creative journey as a winding path, and while travelling it was often hard to see where it led or what turns it would take. As time moves on, I realise that everything I have experienced en route has accumulated to give me a diverse knowledge and eclectic approach to the art I create.”

She now works full time from her home studio making small edition hand-pressed lino prints which she sells via galleries, online store and from art markets across the UK (with occasional overseas appearances!) 2023 sees her fulfil a dream to demonstrate and teach printmaking for the first time, an ambition which had always been on the back burner due to the commitments of the business.

“My inspiration comes from many places as I have a (neurodivergent) magpie’s brain that collects ideas constantly. Music, reading, travelling and art history provide much fuel for my work, as well as my love of birds and nature in general. When not printing, I am often found on a bike, in the sea or up a mountain.“

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