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Flower Arrangements

James Cowper

James Russell Cowper is a painter from Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. Working primarily in oils he paints a wide variety of subjects. His artistic output is unified by a singular focus- to create colour, atmosphere, and light on the canvas.

James enjoys experimenting with different approaches to painting, learning traditional perspectives and techniques used by the old masters and those by more modern painters. Painting itself remains a magical fascination full of endless possibilities.

He has spent much of the last decade studying and then teaching classical drawing and painting in Sweden as part of the full time faculty at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art.

Alongside this he has enjoyed learning from different artists from Europe and America. He is proudly an alumni of the Nerdrum School in Norway where he studied for 2 months in 2016.

We are delighted to welcome James to Edinburgh Drawing School for his Summer Course, Figure Painting: The Zorn Palette.

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